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As a member of the Lassiter community and supporter of all Lassiter programs, both Athletic and Academic,  I would like to voice my support and push for the vote and support needed by our school board to insure the completion of the privately funded resurfacing of the Lassiter Athletic Field.  The field has become under disrepair from use over the last few years and needs replacement and I can’t think of a better resource to help fund a project than the Lutzie Foundation. As a volunteer parent coach in the Middle School and parent in the community Phillip was an inspiration to many young people in our community and gave countless hours of his own time to support younger students.  


The Lassiter facility continues to support many after school activities, Athletic and Musical, that helps in keeping our children headed in the right direction in life and out of trouble. Our community utilizes the track and its field surface for numerous reasons. It’s appearance as well as its up keep is important to insuring less risk of injury to our children as well as community pride. It also adds value to our homes and I can’t think of any reason our School Board would not accept the generous support of the foundation and Lassiter community. The Lassiter community and support of its schools is the reason why I moved to this area and would hate to see an opportunity like this lost.


Please use this letter as support of the Lutzie Foundation re surfacing of the Stadium and the for timely vote ( even a special session) of our CCSB to approve its wonderful donation to our children and their future.


If there are reasons why our school board cannot support this program in a timely manner please respond by email or telephone. I am available at any time.


Thank you and please feel free to contact me if needed.



Jeff Hyatt

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