Most Valuable PROTECTOR

Blake Landon #56 

MARIETTA - While most attention is typically focused on more glamorous performances by quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers, much is lost without understanding the true nature of FOOTBALL.

If you TRULY know football, the conversation for every expert goes immediately to the Offensive line.  Blake Landon #56 WaltonWithout the "O" Line, it doesn't matter how good your QB is, how fast the Running Back is, or if your Wide Receivers make that one handed, leaping grab down field.  Blake Landon #56, a 6' 2" behemoth was that "Beast" that defenses in Georgia 7A football hated to see staring/looking back at them.  To put this into greater perspective, in the 2016 NFL draft, there were six (6) Offensive Tackles taken in the 1st Round. The biggest reason for this is because most football fans don't really understand offensive line play. Every week when watching a high school, college, or NFL football game you hear analysts break down what a quarterback is doing correctly, how well a receiver ran his route or what a good job finding the holes a running back has done. This happens because these are the easiest things for the common fan to understand. The fact is that, unless you played on an offensive line, or are an actual football coach, you really don't know what an offensive lineman is doing. You just know that he should be blocking somebody, though you don't always know who he was supposed to block, who he wasn't supposed to block, or what he was supposed to do with that block. The FACT is, it's a hard position to excel at. It's a hard job.  Offensive Linemen are SMART, FEARLESS, and the one attribute I like the most, NASTY.

The Walton Raider's so called "skill players" had some pretty spectacular plays this season, but ALL the success and credit belongs to players like #56 - Blake Landon.

"There's a guy who's got a dirty uniform, mud on his face and grass in the ear hole of his helmet. That is my guy!" 

- John Madden (Commenting on Offensive Linemen)


Blake Landon Hudl Highlights    Blake Landon #56 - 2016/2017 Season