HUGE Team Effort the difference as Etowah loses to Walton



Mellissa Koslowski

October 28, 2016




MARIETTA - As a sports FAN and sports writer, I always find it amusing to read other writer's who comment on games they did not attend or watch "first hand".


Last night's game at Raider valley cannot be written about accurately without having actually been in attendance.  Now for those of you that left at the end of the third quarter, I hope you have learned your lesson.


It wasn't the "Hail Mary" pass with seconds left from Addison Shoup #14 to Dominick Blaylock #1, or the CRAZY "Hustle" / Spectacular special team play by Clark Kent #84 to knock the ball loose for a Kross Drayton #34 recovery at the 33, trailing 30 - 20 with 11:53 remaining in the game. 


It wasn't the defense holding on 3rd down late in the fourth, despite the numerous attempts to try and draw Walton off sides. 


It wasn't the coaches directing the offense & defense, signaling in the right play or the strategically called time outs to manage the clock - what it was, was HEART.  Heart as a TEAM, Heart as a unit.





“We made the big plays in certain situations,” Walton coach Mo Dixon said. “We kept coming back. Our defense made big plays and Addy was a powerhouse for us. Our guys played great, and I’m so proud of them.”


2017 Walton Raider's


What a night for the Walton SENIOR's on Senior Night!  Walton has a chance to make the playoffs, but they have to
triumph over Woodstock next week.