An "Enormously" important COG in the football "Wheel of Success"

Addison Shoup #14

MARIETTA - Cobb County has it's share of very talented young men, both on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. East Cobb has four High Schools within a couple of miles of each other - Walton, Pope, Lassiter, and Sprayberry and one of these young men is Addison Shoup.  Throughout the regular season, the Walton standout imposed his will on opposing teams - running, passing, and generally being the "glue" that took his team to victory all season. 

Addison Shoup #14In the article "Refused to Lose", (which was written after the home WIN over Etowah) there can be no challenge to the fact that Shoup willed his team to a win with just seconds left on the clock.  In the hard fought battle against Roswell, he was battered, bruised, and generally hammered the entire game, suffering a "minor" injury that forced him to miss a few snaps in the next week.  Never is a player's role more defined as when he does not take the field.  This Senior QB makes the winning machine work.  Addison has several unique gifts.  Is it his ability to escape the pocket and move the chains with amazing yard-guzzling use of his feet, or is it the ability to throw quickly underneath to grab another first down, or is it his steady poise in the pocket (with players clawing their way around him, making every attempt to take his head off), is it the BIG throw to a streaking #1 for the TD? 

No, I see it as his ability to remain calm, to lead his TEAM, that ability EVERY great QB needs to have (but many never obtain) - a rare combination of intuition, athletic ability, confidence, steadiness, and leadership.  Remember, EVERY Offensive play starts with his leadership, he is the first to take the ball and the machine starts and stops with HIM!  Decisions are made in a millisecond, do I hand it off, do I run, do I throw? 

Not one person, not a fan, not a teammate, not a coach, not a writer, can really put that experience into words.

Walton says he is a "DIFFERENCE MAKER":

That truly is an understatement for this young man!


Addison Shoup #14


Clark Kent Hudl Highlights    Addison Shoup #14 - 2016/2017 Season