The Importance of #8

Jaelin Bumper #8 Walton
In a pass "Heavy", no huddle world of 7A football, one might assume that the Wide Receiver and a "Mobile" QB would be the most important positions on the field Friday night.  In most cases, you would be right in that assumption.  However, for Walton (especially this season), #8 Jaelin Bumper has kept the chains moving in game after game.

Jaelin Bumper #8 WaltonAs drive's stalled and pass rushes succeeded, #8 came through with a pounding North/South attack on the line of scrimmage that (more often than not) provided the needed yards. 

“It’s order of importance,” Hall of Fame coach John Madden said. “To me, running backs are important. I’m old-fashioned. I say they are very damn important. Just try to get along without them. Then you will find out how the hell important they are.”

It is pretty obvious to our football eyes, that time after time, Head Coach (Mo Dixon) and Offensive Coordinator (Bill Letton), signaled a complete change in formation to provide #8 Jaelin Bumper the blocking scheme needed (giving him the leverage) to get into the secondary.

For all of you football novices out there, in football, teams regularly change formations to provide extra blocking for the RB or pass protection to the QB. Now, you might say that if ALL coaches watch film and they see the makeup and formation changing from a WR centric attack to a TE centric attack, the opposing team would know and stop a potential run?  More often than not, defenses could not stop RB Jaelin Bumper.

Jaelin Bumper is what OC's and RB Coaches love, a RB that hits the right hole and punishes those that try to fill it.  A running back that dares you to make that feeble attempt at tackling high or using just your arms.  With the ability to break off BIG yards, Jaelin Bumper has great instincts and has obviously been coached well.  There have been many great Running Backs at Walton.  Count Jaelin Bumper in with that club.

Jaelin Bumper #8 Walton

Blake Landon Hudl Highlights    Jaelin Bumper #8 - 2016/2017 Season